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Fear & Devastation

by Burning Dead

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Fear 01:30
Death spreads all over the world Men have destroyed the last signs of love Humanity is drow in despair But ther's still hope
Their Coming 04:31
Get ready because they are coming Get ready because they are coming You will understand what they mean You will see what you have to see We come as one warrior As one man we boldly march Today we will show you What human has done to Earth War, weapons, hatred and crime Indifference, sadness, fear and death Children are starving everywhere All beings dying for human greed Today the forest is burning again Tomorrow, the earth will drown again How much victims do you need again Be ready because they're coming Now! Get ready because they are here The battle for survival continues We come to open your eyes You will see, you will understand We come as one warrior As one man we boldly march Today we will show you What humanity has done to Earth They take them away in trucks So as they die under human blows In the distance you can hear The sound of bullets fired One more innocent being Passed away too soon One more desparate mother One more orphaned child Now! Get ready because they are here The battle for survival continues We come to open your eyes You will see, you will understand We come as one warrior As one man we boldly march Today we will show you What human has done to Earth Machines created by people Destroy everything in their path Which demon possessed us That we would become like this The world is dying before our eyes He needs our help so join us All together as one warrior We will create a new paradise And we will show you the right way And you will arise like one man And after all you choose in your head And you will help to mother Earth
The Warrior 08:37
You are alone, there is nothing Life is over, people are no longer there Sitting on the cliff, you cry and you think Betrayed by your gods, by the way, where are they? Tell them the truth, the only Your wish is the most expensive Chorus : Where were you when I saw? My loved ones suffer Where were you when I cried? Come to me, do not let me die Always alone, they are deaf A salty tear has wet your cheek What do you do and what will you do Lies and sadness are all that you have left Your gods see you, still Without a word, frozen like statues of salt Chorus Now I'm tired, there is nothing Wounds are hurting me I stand at the edge of this cliff, decided My god I'm ready, ready to go You faced Stop suffering Chorus Your father and your mother smile their pride This girl, so pure and beautiful blue eyes Your wife laughing telling you I love you Your children would run after butterflies Around you a threatening silence The shadows you lurk Call your gods Summon them How could they do that to you Chorus Suddenly everything disappears You close your eyes You lost this battle They have condemned you to live You're alone and sad You have nothing (Loneliness you watched)
See Who I Am 05:34
One more day he looked behind the clouds After a hard night, a new dawn came I look in the mirror and see the face Face of a tired man Walking the streets Around only the gloom And yet I meet someone And I ask Who are you? And he will tell me his story End it's true I was like you Full of dreams and hope Today is over I'm trying to find the streets I do not even know what Look at me Who I was See who I am Child of this world See who I am Warrior spotless See who I am Victim of my deeds See who I am Condemned to this life See who I am I do not regret anything Tears will fall from his eyes See who I am Remnant of man I will look at the face of this missing man The mind drowns I'll just tell him Do not worry anymore You are not alone And I now I became like him Child of this world See who I am Wreck of man See who I am I'm a lie and a traitor See who I am I am like them See who I am I will kill to survive See who I am I will walk through your bodies
She 03:28
Once upon a time, when the Earth was crying She came in to this world Million stars began to shine An amazing bright glow Chorus : She was there one and only Being born in a night She was there one and only A new hope for mankind Like an angel send by Moon She carries good news Let her speak to your hearts and soon She will show you the right choice Chorus No more lies No more death No more suffering Don't be sad Chorus One and only, our last hope One and only, voice in our mind One and only, a new way of life She was there, one and only ... Let her stay with us
Convicted 04:34
The slaves of humanity have come to this world No right to shout no right to cry Somebody decided about their future No right to shout no right to cry Chorus : Every day a being dies Because human thing to be gods Modern slaves of greed and pride Without the law of love Without the right to life Somewhere in the world Another creature will cry Because even one false god so decides Somewere in the world, someone will die Chorus This world is like a hell on earth Sometimes it's better to stay dead To be born and live in suffering ? Where is hope ? Where is the love ? Where is the compassion ? Life does not matter anymore You think you have a choice To be a victim or abuser But you know it's just an illusion Someone has already decided your fate You are born But you are almost dead
The black cloud rising on the horizon The sun went down there was darkness A black shadow as the threat came And only fear was born Chorus : As one man came upon hundreds As one soul committed Sow fear and devastation Because in their eyes humanity is nothing Only their red eyes glowed in the black Like a huge torch in the distance They walked forward, getting closer The black cloud grew with aggression Chorus Humanity, without courage, gave up You cannot hide from the Hellenic Army Mankind has realized that the evil deeds you have to pay The general gave the order and the Army of Darkness stood as one demon The general gave the order and humanity burned in the fire of the hell
Injustice in the world thousands of victims because someone gave the order to war torn families, abandoned children false falsely that you have to kill Who gave you the right to decide who lives and who must die The Holocaust of modern times it is the destruction of all living beings. The moderne death of animals in the factories of death Unnecessary victims of war between people Forest felling justified by the slogan we need new homes Chorus : Ocean of blood, sea of ash graveyard of white bones scattered body fragments like flower petals on the lace The screams of despair of slaughtered animals with laughter and shouting Shouts that nobody will hear Wishing for help that will not come The last look of the child when his mother cry One more time unjust death... SILENT SCREAM Chorus I have enough to look at the wrong on this world. I am ashamed to acknowledge that I am a human being. There are so many deaths for nothing Today I am shouting silent because nobody will hear me. One cry of opposition to millions of people saying yes My silent scream will remain the only voice, I say NO among the screams that speak for the holocaust of the world
Devastation 01:44


released February 25, 2022


all rights reserved



Burning Dead Paris, France

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